Mobile Solar Generator


This Mobile Solar Generator will supply 4000 WATTS ( 33 AMPS) of continuous 110VAC power, until the batteries are discharged. If the amount of power going into the batteries, from the SOLAR PANELS is equal to the amount of power going out, the batteries WILL NOT be discharged. The key to a SOLAR ELECTRIC SYSTEM is to match the power going in with the power going out to the loads. Because the sun is not always constant, it is advisable to have a large enough battery bank so that you have RESERVE CAPACITY during periods when there is less or no solar energy available.

This Xantrex Trace SW4048 inverter will produce sine wave power that is capable of melding with utility power to help reduce the load (and power bill) to WAPA. The solar array and the inverter can be programmed so that the batteries are charged by the solar and any excess power is used to help run the loads. The inverter is also capable of charging the battery. When the outside AC fails, the INVERTER automatically transfers back to INVERTER mode, drawing power from the batteries and inverting it to AC to power the loads.


The BATTERY BANK consists of 4, 12VDC 90 Amp/Hr Rolls 27- HT-90 batteries that are connected in series to create 1, 48VDC 90 Amp/Hr BATTERY. The total capacity is 4.32 Kwh of which 80% is useable.
The nameplate rating the 8 BP MSX120 panels is 960 watts. On our average sunny day they should produce over 4 Kwh of energy.





SOLAR ELECTRIC SYSTEMS are ideal for homes that do not have a utility source available. The money spent to run power poles and lines would be better spent on your own power system. Residences that are on the Grid already may benefit from 2 to 8 panel EMERGENCY POWER SYSTEMS that will automatically turn on when WAPA fails and provide quiet, low maintenance power to your home, as well as reducing your consumption a little bit, while WAPA is on.


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